Benefits of Ambarella Fruit

Fruits in Malaysia

The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Benefits of Ambarella Fruit

Ambarella fruit help to cure or allevia many diasease such some of below examples:

1.) Leaves of Ambarella tree used to make powder and applied to crue crack tongue.

2.) A decoction of bark is use to lighten diarrhea and thrush.

3.) A decoction of the root used to cure for itching and lighten edema.

4.) The fruit seed have shown increasing body antibiotic against blood pressure and respiration.

5.) The decoction of root bark use to against dysentery.

6.)The fruit juice use as febrifuge.

7.) Juice of leaves use to be as a lotion to skin, it helping of soften skin.

8.) Others benefits including cure/alleviate diabetes, catarrh, constipation and headache.



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