Ambarella Butter

Fruits in Malaysia

The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


How to make Ambarella Butter

Ambralle fruit is benefits to health as it contained multiple of nutritional. Homemade ambarella butter is fresh and tasty.

1. Cream
2. Bowls
3. Spatula
4. Ambarella fruit juice
5. Stainer
6. Stand mixer

1. Depending on the amount of cream, the cream is pour to bowl and warm for 1 6 hours.

2. Mixing the cream with ambarella juice, watching the cream moves to a whipped and bearing small peaks.

3. Scrape down the bowl again, and keep mixing until soft peak became stiff peak.

4. These stiff peak will change to granular shape and color will begin change from white to light yellow.

5. Stop mixing once the liquid pool in the bowl.

6. Pour whole mess into strainer perch over a clean bowl. Then ambarella butter is transfer to new bowl and pour some cold water into the bowl and massaging the butter in the rinsing process and until water clean.

7. Finally, the ambarella butter is ready to eat or store in refrigerator.

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