Homemade Banana Beer

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Homemade Banana Beer

Banana Beer is made from banana and mixed with sorghum flour. The flavor is sweet and hazy slightly.

Ripe bananas
Boiled water
Roast ground cereal
Sterilize equipment
Beer yeast


1. Extraction banana juice without excessive contamination by spoil micro organisms to produce a clear product. Put it the beer yeast into it and stir until dissolve.

2. Each every 3 volumes of banana juice, one volume of water is added to enable beer yeast to act. Roast ground cereal is added to improve color and flavor of product.

3. Placed all mixture in container and covered with polythene for 20 hours to 24 hours. The equipment is sterilize to prevent bacteria from competing with beer yeast to produce acid instead of alcohol.

4. The liquid is filter through cotton cloth after fermentation.

5. You can storage in glass bottle and keep in cool place from sunlight.

6. The banana beer is ready.


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