Benefits of Banana Fruit to Body

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Benefits of Banana Fruit to Body

Today, banana is known for helping body digestion system and reduce constipation. Besides, multiple nutrition work for metabolism, youthful growth and regenerate tissue. Below is some fact that eating banana benefits to body.

1. Traditional method use banana skin to lighten irritation of mosquito bite.

2. Banana contains high fiber, it is remedy for constipation and improve chemical laxative/smooth bowel movement.

3. Lower the risk of coronary hearth disease and diabetes.

4. Banana are natural source of potassium, potassium in body help reduce risk of stroke.

5. Vitamin A importance for the development of eye tissue and growth of skin.

6. Vitamin B help keeping nervous system in good shape.

7. High potassium in body essential play an importance function such as pumping heart beat, digestion and muscular movement.

8. Magnesium, potassium and calcium was element of electrolytes which maintain body fluid level and preventing dehydration.

9. High potassium also helping to keep kidney and bone in good condition.

10. Vitamin 6 in banana fruit helps body to make hemoglobin and maintain immune system.

11. Iron in banana helping develop a hemoglobin as well and this helping those are suffering from anemia.

12. Banana milkshake will help to calm stomach and control blood sugar level.

13.The combination of Vitamin C,A1,B6 and B12 helps to recover from the effect of nicotine withdrawal and this is helping for those what to stop smoking behavior.

14. Banana contain an amino acid called tryptophan which body will convert into serotonin and this is helping relaxing stress and improve personal moody.

15. Eating banana also benefits for those heartburn and ulcers patient.



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