Homemade Banana Wine

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Homemade Banana Wine

Banana wine can differ to two types; dry or sweet and can be mixing with other wines for flavoring. Making banana wine take a long time to clear. Normally I use ripe banana fruit and wine yeast to shorten the clearing time.


Light raisin:2 cups
Ripe banana:4 pounds
Tablet Campden:3
Wine yeast: 1 package
Granulate Sugar: 6 Cups
Water:7 cups
Camden tablet:2


1. Chop banana peels and cut banana fruit to few slices. Pour banana peels and slices to pot with 7 cups of water and boil for around 30 minutes.

2. Filter out the liquid. After that, add in raisin, sugar , Camden tablet, juice lemon put into the liquid and blend to dissolve in fermentor. Add in 1 gallon water and let it for overnight.

3. After overnight, add in wine yeast. Stirring every day as there will be heavy foaming during fermentation. This process leaves for 5 days.

4. On fifth day, siphon the mixture from the primary fermentor to secondary fermentor. Do not stir before pouring. During process, do not stir up the sediment in bottom fermentor.

5. Airlock is attach to secondary fermentor. Siphon the wine off the sediment and return to fermentor after letting for 3 weeks.

6. The wine is ready.

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