Homemade Banana Yogurt

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Homemade Banana Yogurt

Homemade cool yogurt to serve during watching movie and reading.


Sugar: 2/3 cup
Fresh lemon juice:2 teaspoons
Plain yogurt:1 cup
Egg white:2
Orange juice: 1 cup


1. Sugar and orange juice is combined in saucepan and cook until sugar dissolved.

2. Once cool, keep in refrigerator.

3. Blend thoroughly the banana and lemon juice.

4. Add plain yogurt into blender until mixed.

5. Pour to bowl until it freezes until firm.

6. Then remove from freezer for soften.

7. Pour to blender and add in white egg and blend until evenly.

8. Freeze until firm.

9. The sugar and orange mixed can mix with the firm yogurt.

10. The yogurt is ready.


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