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What Is Chempedak Fruit

What is Chempedak Fruit? The chempedak scientific name Artocarpus champeden Spreng Linn from species Moraceae. Chempedak native from southeast asian. The shape look of chempedak and jackfruit almost same. Its made confusing or unknown which is chempedak or jackfruit? The answer is Chempedak is smaller and stronger smell in oblong shape then jackfruit which in round shape and chempedak is seasonal fruit while not for jackfruit. Chempedak can contain around 50 to 120 seeds depend of its size. The fruit inside in yellow in colour and size like a ping pong ball. Chempedak is usually eaten flesh, or fried the fruit. In Malaysia, you can saw many food stall along road size nor market selling of chempedak fried fruit with strong good taste smell.

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Homemade Banana Pancake

Banana pancake is easier to produce and nutritional for healthy. You can serve it as breakfast. It only take approach ing 25minutes.

• Sugar:1 teaspoon
• Baking Powder:3 teaspoons
• Salt: 1 teaspoon
• Milk:1 small cup
• Flour:1 cup
• Ripe banana: 2
• Egg:2
• Oil: 1 teaspoon

1. Pour eggs, milk and vegetarian oil in bowl and mixer.

2. After that, add in the rest of ingredient and mix until is moist. Batter will appear lumpy.

3. Heat the flying pan. Pour the mixed ingredient to cup for form each pancake in hot frying pan.

4. Bake until the pancake is bubbles appear on top as edges are brown. Cook for both side until each side are golden brown.

5. The banana pancake is ready and eat while it is warm.

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Homemade Banana Beer

Banana Beer is made from banana and mixed with sorghum flour. The flavor is sweet and hazy slightly.

• Ripe bananas
• Boiled water
• Roast ground cereal
• Sterilize equipment
• Beer yeast

1. Extraction banana juice without excessive contamination by spoil micro organisms to produce a clear product. Put it the beer yeast into it and stir until dissolve.

2. Each every 3 volumes of banana juice, one volume of water is added to enable beer yeast to act. Roast ground cereal is added to improve color and flavor of product.

3. Placed all mixture in container and covered with polythene for 20 hours to 24 hours. The equipment is sterilize to prevent bacteria from competing with beer yeast to produce acid instead of alcohol.

4. The liquid is filter through cotton cloth after fermentation.

5. You can storage in glass bottle and keep in cool place from sunlight.

6. The banana beer is ready.

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Homemade Banana Wine

Banana wine can differ to two types; dry or sweet and can be mixing with other wines for flavoring. Making banana wine take a long time to clear. Normally I use ripe banana fruit and wine yeast to shorten the clearing time.

• Light raisin:2 cups
• Ripe banana:4 pounds
• Lemon:3
• Tablet Campden:3
• Wine yeast: 1 package
• Granulate Sugar: 6 Cups
• Water:7 cups
• Camden tablet:2

1. Chop banana peels and cut banana fruit to few slices. Pour banana peels and slices to pot with 7 cups of water and boil for around 30 minutes.

2. Filter out the liquid. After that, add in raisin, sugar , Camden tablet, juice lemon put into the liquid and blend to dissolve in fermentor. Add in 1 gallon water and let it for overnight.

3. After overnight, add in wine yeast. Stirring every day as there will be heavy foaming during fermentation. This process leaves for 5 days.

4. On fifth day, siphon the mixture from the primary fermentor to secondary fermentor. Do not stir before pouring. During process, do not stir up the sediment in bottom fermentor.

5. Airlock is attach to secondary fermentor. Siphon the wine off the sediment and return to fermentor after letting for 3 weeks.

6. The wine is ready.

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Banana Benefits

Today, banana is known for helping body digestion system and reduce constipation. Besides, multiple nutrition work for metabolism, youthful growth and regenerate tissue. Below is some fact that eating banana benefits to body.

1. Traditional method use banana skin to lighten irritation of mosquito bite.
2. Banana contains high fiber, it is remedy for constipation and improve chemical laxative/smooth bowel movement.
3. Lower the risk of coronary hearth disease and diabetes.
4. Banana are natural source of potassium, potassium in body help reduce risk of stroke.
5. Vitamin A importance for the development of eye tissue and growth of skin.
6. Vitamin B help keeping nervous system in good shape.

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Banana Nutritional Value

The banana fruit contain of natural nutrient that provide health benefits to body. The nutritional show as below:
Nutritional Value per 100gm
Energy 103 kcl
Water 73.3 gm
Protein 1.3 gm
Fat 0.4 gm
Carbohydrate 23.6 gm
Fiber 0.5 gm
Abu 0.9 gm
Calcium 11.0 mg
Phosphorus 17.0 mg
Iron 0.6 mg
Sodium 29.0 mg
Potassium 241.0 mg
Karyotin 300 mg
Vitamin B1 0.07 mg
Vitamin B2 0.08 mg
Niacin 0.7 mg
Acid Ascorbic 17.3 mg

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How Banana Tree Look

How Banana Fruit Tree Look

The banana tree can grow under very poor condition but with low productivity. It is grow well in well drained soil, clay sandy and rocky sand. It is a Tropicana plant suitable temperature between 24 to 27 degree Celsius and mean rainfall around 10 cm per month. The skin of banana turns from deep green to yellow color. The tree can height until 8 meters. The elliptic fleshy stalked leaves In Malaysia, it planted huge in state Pahang and Perak.

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Banana Varieties

Banana Fruit Varieties
Malaysia Banana varieties in Malaysia as below:
1. Berangan : Cluster weight between 12 to 20kg with 8 to 12 comb bananas. Each comb may contained 12 to 20 bananas with 12 to 18cm long banana fruit and skin thickness 2.5 to 3.5mm. Oren yellowish flesh fragrant with sweet taste and dry. Normally eaten raw.

2. Mas : Cluster weight between 8 to 12kg with 5 to 9 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 14 to 18 bananas with 8 to 12 cm long banana fruit. Golden yellowish flesh is sweeter. Normally eaten raw.

3. Cavendish: Cluster weight usually above 20kg with 15 to 25 comb bananas. The bananas long 15 to 22cm banana fruit. White flesh ,soften and sweet fruit.

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