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Langsat Fruit Varieties

Varieties of Langsat Tree Varieties of lansium domesticum fruit in Malaysia . Below shown variety and its differential between: Duku -round shape with thick pale yellow rind. It is bigger size then langsat and dukong,sweeter than langsat. It is among the biggest size comparable to Dukong and langsat. Langsat -egg shape fruits with thin yellowish leathery cover by soft hair, there is latex when peal off. It is rougherthen duku, and green colour seed . The flesh was strong bitter taste. It is smaller then dukong and duku Dokong or Longkong -The thick rind in pale yellowish colour. There is no latex while peal off. Dokong is a hybrid of duku and langsat with very few seeds. This is the more expensive among Duku, langsat and Dukong. I personnaly recommend to try it out.

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