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How coconut tree Look

How coconut tree Look?

In Malaysia, the coconut fruit tree grown huge at Kelantan, Terengannu, Penang and Perak state. The tree grown well at sandy soil with temperature between 27 to 34 degree Celsius and humidity for optimum grown such as in local Malaysia. The coconut tree can produce around 75 fruits yearly and the tree can height until 15 feets. The coconut tree itself is multiples use such as green leaves use to make basket product and house roots ,coconut shell used to make bowl, husk use to make household product and trunk is use full for bridge and others or process to things for daily use. Three stage of coconut fruit:

i.) Tender or Baby Coconut fruit
This stage is purest and healing to body need. It is contained above 95 % water. The meat is thin and soft.
ii.) Half Mature Coconut
The water contained in this stage is less then tender coconut but is the best compared to tender and mature coconut as it contained nourish nutritional. The soft meat is thickness then tender coconut.
iii.) Mature Coconut
It is contained less water, and with hard meat. This coconut normally process to coconut milk which local person use to cook curry.

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The scientific name of Coconut fruit is Cocos Nucifera from Family Arecaceae. In Malaysia, you can find along a road side hawker selling ice coconut fruit water. The fruit is well known in the world. Coconut is highly rich with vitamins, fiber and minerals which provide health benefits to body.

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