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How Custard Apple Tree Look

How Custard Apple Tree Look?

The custard apple tree is a small semi evergreen tree. Custard apple trees can be 5 to 10 meters tall.. Custard apple is found throughout the tropics. Custard tree is a low, erect tree, with a rounded or spreading crown and trunk 25-35 cm thick. The leave are elongated with long 10 to 15 cm and wide 5 to 10 cm. The fragrant flower is in cluster and slender with narrow petals 2-3 cm long and externally light green and pale yellow with a dark red or purple spot on the inside flower.

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Custard Apple

The custard apple scientific name is Annona Reticulata L from family Annonaceae. Custard apple has another name such as sugar apple, sweetsop and bullock hearth. The custard apple are usually round,ovoid or conical with widely 2-4 inches.

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