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Varieties of Guava Fruit

Varieties of Guava Fruit

Below is some of varieties in Malaysia:
Gu4, Gu5, Gu7, Jambu Biji, Laknaw, Hongkong pink, Red Malaysian, Taiwan and Vietnamese. The guava rind differ from pink to red. Guava species Gu4, Gu5, Gu7, Jambu biji and Hongkong pink where diameter from 4.8 cm to 6.7 cm and thinner rind from 0.5-1.5cm is smaller and thinner then guava Vietnamese , its rind diameter from 10 to 11cm and thickness from 1.9 cm to 2.5 cm. There are two peak season for fruit harvesting which is January to March and October to December. The guava fruits grown huge at state Perak, Johor, Selangor and Pahang.

How guava Tree Look?
The guava thrives in both humid and dry climates tropical regions. The tree are evergreen with as height a 33ft. It had white colour fragrant flower. The tree is mocarp and bloom thought the year in rich soils with high in organic.

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The scientific name of guava fruit is Psidium Guajava from family Mytaceae. In Malaysia, guava called Jambu Batu. It is native to Mexico. Due to demand, guavas now cultivated at tropical and subtropical area. The fruit shaped is round or ovary depend to species with long from 3 to 14cm.

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