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Langsat Fruit Varieties

Varieties of Langsat Tree Varieties of lansium domesticum fruit in Malaysia . Below shown variety and its differential between: Duku -round shape with thick pale yellow rind. It is bigger size then langsat and dukong,sweeter than langsat. It is among the biggest size comparable to Dukong and langsat. Langsat -egg shape fruits with thin yellowish leathery cover by soft hair, there is latex when peal off. It is rougherthen duku, and green colour seed . The flesh was strong bitter taste. It is smaller then dukong and duku Dokong or Longkong -The thick rind in pale yellowish colour. There is no latex while peal off. Dokong is a hybrid of duku and langsat with very few seeds. This is the more expensive among Duku, langsat and Dukong. I personnaly recommend to try it out.

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The langsat scientific name is Lansium domesticum from family Meliaceae. It native to the Malaysia. The fruit outer diameter from 2 to 5 centimeter in shape oval or oval oblong. Flesh was covered by yellowish leathery skin. There are 5 or 6 segments of fragrant translucent, juicy flesh. The flesh taste with the sweet sour flavor although the ripe langsat is sweeter. In each segment ,you can found the extremely bitter of green seed. HJow to find the sweeter langsat fruit? The smaller darker langsat is the sweeter then larger fruit.

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