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The rambutan saintific name was Nephelium lappaceum from family Sapindaceae. It’s native to Southern Asia. It usually eaten raw and the ripe rambutan fruit is sweet, sour with juicy.. The fruit is in oblong shape long 3 to 7 cm depend of its variety, the earlier state of rambutan fruit is green/red colour and change to deep red while ripen. The outer rind is covered with soft spine like a hair which Malay localism called it “rambut”. The rambutan fruit mind get a expanded from this Malay word. Inner of rind is the white or transparent and juicy fruit with long 2cm until 5 cm and 0.3-0.7 cm thick. How to eat the rambutan fruit? First, you can easily pear off the rind of the fruit by pressing the rind or used small knife to cut a part at the rind, finally you just remove the fruit taste it.

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