Chempedak Layer Cake

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Chempedak Layer Cake

Ingredients A
Vanilla:1 tablespoon

Ingredients B
Sugar:275 gm

Ingredients C
Flour:100 gm
Baking Powder: teaspoon

Ingredients D
Chempedak mash 500 gm


1. Mix ingredients A for around 3 minutes.

2. Mix and blend ingredients B for 5 minutes.

3. Mixture ingredients A and B and dissolve.

4. Mix ingredients C into it and mix until evenly.

5. Use grill to cook in oven layer by layers for around 6-7 minutes per layer at temperature 210-215 degree Celsius.

6. Between each layer, chempedak mash is added.

7. Do for 4-5 layers.

8. The cake is ready to serve once it is cool.


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