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Chempedak Fruit

What is Chempedak Fruit

The chempedak scientific name Artocarpus champeden Spreng Linn from species Moraceae. Chempedak native from southeast asian. The shape look of chempedak and jackfruit almost same. Its made confusing or unknown which is chempedak or jackfruit? The answer is Chempedak is smaller and stronger smell in oblong shape then jackfruit which in round shape and chempedak is seasonal fruit while not for jackfruit. Chempedak can contain around 50 to 120 seeds depend of its size. The fruit inside in yellow in colour and size like a ping pong ball. Chempedak is usually eaten flesh, or fried the fruit. In Malaysia, you can saw many food stall along road size nor market selling of chempedak fried fruit with strong good taste smell.


Varieties of Chempedak Tree in Malaysia

In Malaysia , most of chempedak varieties improved by grafting method. It is often found growing in the wild of Malaysia, The fruit has many local varieties that come from different parts suas as seedless cempedak, CH 27 with fruit yellow colour , CH 28 which fruit inside color in slight orange yellowish, its taste very sweet ansd small seed , CH 30 with fruit inside yellow orange colour which more flavor compare to CH28 and CH 33, CH 33 fruit in orange colour, durian-fragrant cempedak, sri gading, and the luscious “Perak champion”.

How the Chempedak Tree Look?

Chempedak tree can grown until 20 to 25 meters height. Its evergreen leaves shape ellipse
As its fruit, chempedak tree look like a Jackfruit tree, the different is chempedak leave had a fine hairy at the end of leaves. The tree is monocots where male/female flower is grown in the tree. The tree normally plated at well draine. Its only produce fruit after 4 years of planting. The common diase is attached by bacteria Erwinia caratovora, it caused the javelin covered up by black mucus and the javelin will not produce any fruit.In Malaysia , chempedak grew huge especially at state Kedah, Balik Pulau Penang and Perak state. This fruit is seasoning and product between June- August.

Chempedak Fruit Product/Recipes

Seeds of this fruit can also be roast and eaten, as can the flesh around the seeds. This part is also used for making jams and chempedak layer cake, and can be salted to make a form of jerky. Whole fruits are also cooked and eaten. Cempedak flesh and seed can eaten fresh. The flesh is eaten fresh or fried chempedak. The flesh also process to a tasty chempedak snack, jerami, jams and cakes. Some localism used flesh fruit and young leave used to cooked as vegetable. The tree timber is used for building house and boat.

Why Chempedak Fruit Benefits to Body?

Below is the nutrition:

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy 117.0 Kcal
Water 66.7 g
Protein 2.5 g
Fat 0.4 g
Carbohydates 25.8 g
Fiber 3.4 g
Calcium 40.0 mg
Phosphorus 5.0 mg

Iron (Fe) 1.1 mg
Natrium 1.2 mg
Calium 246.0 mg
Carotene 80 ug
Vitamin B1 0.16 mg
Vitamin B2 0.15 mg
Niacin 0.5 mg
Vitamin C 17.7 mg


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