Importance of Eating dragon Fruit to our Body

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The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit to Body

Importance of eating Dragon Fruit

Below is the fact that dragon fruit nutrient benefits to our healthy:

1. Red skin dragon fruit consist Phosphorus help on tissue formation.

2. The fiber in dragon fruit increase tissue digestion thus improve laxative equally reduce our body fat.

3. Vitamin B1 enable good body metabolic and provide energy to body.

4. Vitamin B2 improve stomach appetite and absortion.

5. Vitamin B3 help on soften and moisturizing skin and lower down the unhealthy cholesterol.

6. The patient of cancer and hearth disease is advice to have a red flesh dragon fruit which consist of lycopene a natural antioxidant resistence to mentioned disease. Besides, its help to lower down blood pressur and diabetes.

7. Yellow skin dragon fruit contain calcium which importance to reinforce healthy teeth and bone.

8. Body’s metabolic can improve by having protein from dragon fruit.

9. The sweet taste fruit used to replace sugar for diabetes patient, its help on sugar consume controlling for the patient.

10. The fruit help to lighten the respiratory track pain patient.

11. It also help to maintain eye healthy by regular eating the fruit.

12. Red skin dragon fruit contain vitamin C. Its help on skin disease cure faster and body immune system.

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