Dragon Fruit Wine

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Dragon Fruit Wine


  • Sugar:2 lb

  • Dragon fruit:6lbs

  • Pectic enzyme:1 teaspoon

  • Yeast nutrient:1 teaspoon

  • Water:6 pts

  • Campden tablet:1 crush

  • Acid blend:1 teaspoon

  • Wine yeast:1 package


1. Boiled the water.
2. Wash, clean and trim the greenery from dragon fruit.
3. Cut the washed dragon fruit to small pieces and put it to bowl.
4. Add in sugar, acid blend, yeast nutrient.
5. Pour boiled water in to and stir until sugar dissolve.
6. use sterile and clean cloth to cover it.
7. When the mixture back to room temperature., add in campden tablet and stir.
8. Set a side around 8 hours.
9. Add pectic enzyme and stir.
10. set aside for another 8 hours.
11. Add wine yeast and stir.
12. Stir daily for 7 days.
13. Filer out through nylon straining and squeeze out the juice from dragon fruit pulp.
14. Fit airlock.
15. Rack, top up and refit airlock every 30days until wine clear from sendimen form during these period.
16. Wait 3 weeks, if no other fermentation.
17. Then the dragon fruit wine is ready.


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