Health Benefits of Durian

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Health Benefits of Durian

Durian is seasonal fruit that rich with antioxidant, vitamins and protein content. Durian didnít have cholesterol. Even durian odor smelling, but thise like durian feel it as heaven flavor. Below is some health benefits facts :

1. Durian high in antioxidant content, it is enhancing the skin appearance. Vitamin C is an major factor in making collagen.

2. It is the most nutritional fruit among fruits.

3. Potassium and calcium maintain the health of one.

4. Vitamin B in fruit promote a normal appetite in stomach for better digestion. It is also treat migraine headaches.

5. Manganese content regulating blood sugar levels.

6. High protein and amino acids helping in developing of muscle and organ function.

7. Durian minerals content helps rejuvenate desire for sexual.

8. Fiber in durian fruit can prevent and helping cure of constipation diseases.

9. Use in medical scientific to cure depression, insomnia, stress, control inflammatory enzymes.

10. Vitamin B9 in durian is importance for red blood cells production. It prevent getting risk of anemia.

11. Calcium and potassium in the fruit promotes tooth and gums health.

12. Copper in durian can avoid body from thyroid.

13. Vitamin B6 can helping fighting depression and getting better moody.



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