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Durian Cake

What Durian Choose to Make A Durian Cake

Some people barely eaten fresh Durian as its odor smell left after on hand and mouth for a while. Hence,the Durian cake is the alternative ways for those people to taste the flavor of Durian. Some durians tasted sweet while some are bitter-sweet, depending on its species. When selecting Durian for making cake, we need to select pure sweet The sweey Durian example is : D24. I used purely fresh sweet durian to make durian cake, with less sugar, cream or artificial flavouring. Itís good for health especially for diabetes patient.


How To Bake A Durian Cake (800 - 900 grams per whole cake)

( i ) 250 gm unsalted butter
      300 gm sugar (depend the sweaty flavor you like)
      5 eggs
( ii ) 200gram Durian paste (6-8 seeds fresh sweet durian flesh, removed seeds)
       1/2 cup fresh milk
      200ml of whipped/Vanilla cream

( iii ) 250 grams of sponge cake premix (Optima Ready Mix from Bake King brand)
       100 gm cake flour
       1 table spoon custard powder, filter

1. Preheat the oven for 15 minutes and set the temperature to 180?. Prepare a large or 12 cups non-stick bundt pan. Combine ingredients ( iii ) until well combine.

2. Combine ingredients ( ii ) in blender , blend till well combine.

3. Combine ingredients ( iii ) in mixer at high speed till light and fluffy then reduce speed to medium until mixed all wellness.

4. After all, mixed together ingredients( ii ) into the mixer with ingredient (i) and fluff up until well combine. The last but no least, add in ingredient ( iii ) to mixer with ingredient ( ii ) and ( i )and mixture well for around 20~ 30 seconds.

5. Pour the cake batter into a greased pan, bake for 45-50 minutes depend on the temperature using ,high temp will shorten the turn around time but need to be care. Test with a toothpick. When comes out clean, itís ready.

6. Leave it cool after remove from Oven. About an hour, you can taste a wonderful of Durian cake. My Durian cake hit up my family and friend surrounding.

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