benefits of guava fruit to body

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Benefits of Guava Fruit to Body

The entitle fruit can be eaten raw or process to others product. Thus, this fruit is benefits to body system.


Some benefits fact showed as below:

High calcium in guava fruit protects risk of high blood pressure as it is reduce the cholesterol in blood and prevention from hearth disease and strengthen bones.

Guava fruit or decoction of guava leaves help recovered in cough and cold.

Vitamin C help to protected from hearth disease and cancer. It also treating male infertility and strengthen blood vessel and being an effective antioxidant.

Guava fruit help strengthen the body digestive system.

Guava is a very good source of vitamins, fibers as well as minerals.

Vitamin A promote the repair and growth of body tissue.

Guava fruit helps the to fighting free radical produced during metabolism.

Guava fruit is rich sources of dietary fiber and it is helping patient who are constipation.

Guava fruit improve the texture of skin and help its help to resolve skin aged related problems.

Oxygen supplied to body as the fruit contained of iron, this it is improving metabolism system.

Potassium maintain healthy blood pressure level.

Guava fruit benefits to those patient obesity, oral ulcer, dysentery, catarrh, asthma, toothache.

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