Homemade Guava Wine

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Homemade Guava Wine

Guava halve:1kg
Yeast nutrient:1 teaspoon
Wine yeast:1 package
Sugar:2 lbs
Citric acid:1/2 Oz.
Pectic enzyme:1 teaspoon
Tannin:1/2 spoon.


1. Washed and remove the seeds from guava.
2. Chop the guava and put in nylon straining bag.
3. Cook it around 10minutes.
4. Add in all ingredients except yeast
5. Stir until sugar dissolve.
6. Let it cool.
7. After 12 hours, add in wine yeast and cover it.
8. Twice daily to squeeze bag for 4 days.
9. Fit airlock and top up after 10 days if needed.
10. After 20days, fit airlock and rack.
11. Top up, refit airlock and ferment 60 days.
12. After additional 60days, rack again if clear and bottle.
13. The guava wine is ready.


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