Lime Tree and Lime Varieties

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Lime Tree and Lime Varieties

Lime Tree


The evergreen lime tree can growup to 15m tall. The white flowers is in small corymbs with 2 to5 cm diameter and four or five petals. The stames is strong scented. The lime is eaten fresh, drink by juice or preservesed in marmalades. Lime grows well from seed. The juice contain a high value of citric acid and vitamin C. Oil extracted from lime are frequently used in cleaning product , perfumes and aromatherapy.



Lime Varieties


Below is some varieties avaiable in Malaysia:

1. Musk Lime known as the Chinese, Malay names is limau chuit and limau kesturi. The lime are served in Lime ice tea, seafood and meats.


2.Kaffir Lime or kieffer lime. Native to Indonesia, the skin is greenskin and bumpy. The dark green leaves are rich in lime fragrance.The leaves imbue dishes with a delicate yet bold lemon-lime flavor, which is memorable in Malaysia curries, sauces and fish.

3.Sweet Lime or Limetta. The fruit is edible and contains essential oils. The lime are extremely sweet when ripe. As a sweet variety, they lack citric acid. The skin is more yellowish green compact to others.


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