Health Benefits of Lychee

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Health Benefits of Lychee

Lychee contains sweet white flesh, enveloping a brown colored seed. The taste somewhat resembles that of grapes and is also quite juicy. Apart from its sweet and tangy flavor, Lychee has significant health and nutritional benefits. The nutritional value :

Nutritional Value per 100g


Calcium - 10 mg

Magnesium - 19 mg
Phosphorus - 59 mg
Potassium - 325 mg

Iron - 0.59 mg
Sodium - 2 mg
Zinc - 0.13 mg
Water - 155.34 g
Energy - 125 kcal
Protein - 1.58 g
Total lipid (fat) - 0.84 g
Ash- 0.84 g
Carbohydrate - 31.41 g
Total Dietary Fiber - 2.5 g
Sugars - 28.94 g
Copper - 0.281 mg
Manganese - 0.105 mg
Thiamin - 0.021 mg
Riboflavin - 0.124 mg
Niacin - 1.146 mg
Vitamin B - 6 0.19 mg

Vitamin C - 135.9 mg
Vitamin E - 0.13 mg
Vitamin K - 0.8 mcg

Health fact:


1.Lychee fruit compliment the health benefits of the acai berry.

2.Lychee developing energy of the body.


3.The nature of the flesh of the lychee is warm and it can help improve the blood.

4.Lychee increasing fluids in the body, which are required for good health.

5.It enhances the feeling of well being.


6.Lychee helps the body to digest food properly for the best nutrition and an added boost of health.


7.Vitamin C in lychee is 40% greater then orange. Eating lychee can benefits for patients from colds, fever and sore throats.

8.It even has high levels of Beta carotene greater than carrots.

9.Lychee is considered digestive and diuretic.

10.It help in the absorption of beta carotene and many other fat soluble vitamins.

11.It helps to prevent blood clots, severe cell damage and reduces strokes.

12.Carbohydrates and fiber in lychee are quite essential for the body.

13.Lychee has the ability to relieve pain and shrink swollen glands.

14.Lychee fruit prevents the growth of cancer cells especially breast cancer.


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