Lychee Tree and Lychee Varieties

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Lychee Tree and Lychee Varieties


Lychee is medium sized evergreen tree and required warm, humid and temperature between 32 F to 46F for best fruiting. The tree can grow up to 20meters tall. The bark is grey black or brownish red. The leave long between 8cm to 20 cm with 2 to 4 pairs leaflet. The panicles grow in 10 or more cluster with long 8 to 38cm and holding hundred of white, yellow or green flower. Lychee need sunlight and protect from high wind. The trees grow well in soil rich in organic and between pH 5 to 7 with well drained.

Lychee Varieties

There are three varieties determine by twig thickness, flower, and stamen:

1. Javensis- This is the variety most planted in Malaysia. It has a thick twigs. The fruit is smooth. The flowers has 7 to 11 stamen.

2. Philippinensis Leenh- It has a 6 to 7 stamens, thin twig and fruit shape in long oval.

3. Chinensis-it is a common plated variety. It has thin twig. Flower have 6 stamen with smooth surface fruit. It is the only commercial type.



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