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What Is Mangosteen Fruit


The Purple Mangosteen scientific name Garcinia mangostana from family species Guttiferae. Its native to East Asian. Its called Queen of Fruits in asian region such as Malaysia and Thailand and name Food for God in French..
Though durian is delicious and eat a lot of durian increasing of body heat, Malaysian believes that durian is a healthy fruit. Localism used to drink a salt water or eat mangosteens cooling fruit.The most outer layer of a Mangosteen fruit known as rind or rind and colour is light green when it is young and will eventually turn to reddish or dark purple when it is ripe.. The Aril of the Mangosteen fruit is the layer that covers the seed into it and it taste can be described as sweet and salty with peach flavor and texture.
The fruit such as a softball size which externally diameter 3~7cm. When mangosteen was ripe, its normally opened by holds the exocarp in both hands, and pressed with the thumb gently along the score until the rind cracks then you can taste 4 to 8 segments of snow-white, juicy, soft flesh fruit. Mangosteen exocarp thick from 6-10 mm with contains bitter yellow latex and staining juice. How to select best mangosteen?To select the best fruit, choose those with the highest number of stigma lobes at the apex, as its have more of fleshy segments but with fewest seeds.

Varieties of Mangosteen Tree

Only one different variation is known and that is in the Sulu Islands where the fruit diameter is bigger then 7cm and the thicker exocarp, flesh more acid and the flavor more distinct. such as the Button Mangosteen or the Lemondrop Mangosteen .


How the Mangosteen Tree Look ?


The mangosteen is tropical fruit and it plant at latitude country. It cannot tolerate temperatures below 4.44 C nor above 37.78 C. The tree takes about 7 to 10 years to grow up before its produce any mangosteen fruit.
The mangosteen tree can reach a height of 7 meters until 30 meters. The wood is very dark in colour and flaking with evergreen leaves .The flowers are about 5 cm long with contain four leaves. The mature Mangosteen fruit able to reach a size of 7 cm. The trees require rich soil with good drainage. In Malaysia its planted at below 1,500 ft ,450 m from sea level.
In Malaysia, its grew huge at Johor, Kelantan dan Perak. The season product mangosteen is from June until August

Mangosteen Fruit Product/Recipes


Mangosteen has many valuable nutrient and you will receive essential nutrients for your body. You should definitely include this fascinating fruit into your dietary habit because it worth the effort. Mangosteen had process to several product such as:

 i.) Mangosteen  Juice that good for health such as microbiological balance support, immune system maintenance, joint flexibility, positive mental support, reduce the bad cholesterol level, increased levels of good antioxidants,

ii.) Mangosteen rambutan mixed juice

iii.) Mangosteen soap and

iv.) Mangosteen margarita


Why Mangosteen Fruit Benefits to Body?

The Mangosteen fruit provide multiple nutrients and each nutrient enrich or recover below diseases:

i.) Good health of gastrointestinal maintenance by mangosteen fruit as its fiber.

ii.) Boiled of its fruit rind used to lighten diarrhea, gonorrhea and gleets and is applied externally biting lotion.

iii.) Dried rind in powdered form used to lighten disease dysentery .Extracted Oil from rind use to cure eczema as well.

iv.) an combination of the leaves with unripe banana, benzoic is applied to the injury of circumcision.

The table of Mangosteen fruit nutrition as below:

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy 34.0 Kcal
Water 87.60%
Fat 0.6 gm
Carbohydrate 1.0 gm
Fiber 5.6 gm
Abu 5.1 gm
Calcium 0.1 gm
Magnesium 7.0 mg
Phosphorus 13.0 mg
Iron 13.0 mg
Sodium 0.6 mg
Vit B1 45.0 mg
Vit B2 0.03 mg
Ascorbic 0.03 mg
Acid 0.2 mg
Vit C 4.2 mg


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