Benefits of Nutmeg Fruit to Body

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Benefits of Nutmeg Fruit to Body

The nutmeg fruit health benefits included treat pain, hearth disorders, blood pressure, cough and bad breath. Besides, medicinal perspective, the nutmeg oil attributed use for stimulant, relaxing, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and sedative. Below is some of nutmeg fruit benefits:

1. It is believed nutmeg is valued as an aphrodisiac (increase desired for sexual).

2. It is use to relieve rheumatic pain and muscle relaxing.

3. Nutmeg used to relief toothache by applied essential oil around the gum and aching teeth.

4. Nutmeg seed powder mixed with milk and as a scrub to control acne and blackhead.

5. Nutmeg seed powder mixed with water to soothe eczema and calm chest cold.

6. Ground nutmeg boiled with milk to promote sleeping.

7. Nutmeg oil also help in removing bad breath.

8. Nutmeg oil increasing blood circulation and thus boost up brain and concentration better.

9. Normally nutmeg oil mixed with honey to relieve chronic, diarrhea and indigestion.

10. Nutmeg can help on treat asthma, anxiety and depression.

11. Menstrual cramp, joint can relieve by use nutmeg oil as sedative.

12. Nutmeg oil stimulating removes mental exhaustion and stress.

13. It also help on protect liver and kidney as nutmeg oil can detoxifier non use material in kidney.

14. It can boost up sexual activity by eat mixed of nutmeg oil and half boiled egg with honey.

15. Nutmeg oil is essential for toothaches and aching gums.

16. Nutmeg oil is essential for removing stomach ache and removing gas from stomach and intestine.

17. Nutmeg oil use as ingredient for cough syrup and cold rubs. It is believe can treat asthma.

18. Nutmeg oil is good for hearth as it is stimulates the cardiovascular system.


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