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Nutmeg Fruit

The scientific name of Nutmeg fruit is Myristicafragrans fron family Myristicaceae. The nutmeg fruit is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Nutmeg fruit is a seasoning fruit. The oval shape skin is greenish when young and changes to yellowish while mature. While ripe, the fruits split to 2 valves brown shiny seed which called nutmeg and bright red aril called mace. Nutmeg is the seed of tree oval shape with 20 to 32 mm long and 14 to 17mm widely. The fruits normally make as a juice for drink. The taste is sweet sour flavor. Nutmeg is not a nut and not a risk for people with nut allergy. It is good for prevent gas and fermentation in body .

Varieties of Nutmeg Fruit

In Malaysia, nutmeg fruit varieties planted as:

1. East Indian and West Indian: oval shape, 25 to35 mm long with 15 to26 mm widely.

How the Nutmeg Fruit look?

In Malayisa, the evergreen aromatic tree grow to 25 feet tall with dark green leaves. The tree suitable at drainage area with enriches soil. The yellow pale, fleshy flowers are single sex. It has a smooth, watery pink bark in brown or gray in color. The plant require hot and moist environment with rainfall 150 to 250mm per annum. It is grown well at deep friable loam with the attitude not exceed 750 meters.

Product of Nutmeg Fruit/Recipes

Nutmeg fruit is importance fruit use at domestically for seasoning soups, sauces, vegetables dishes as well as in food industries for below products:

1.Nutmeg jam
2.Nutmeg juice

3.Nutmeg syrup
4.Nutmeg oil benefits
5.Nutmeg Butter

Why Nutmeg fruit Benefits to Body

The nutmeg fruits prevention and healing of many conditions. Modern medical prove the fruit can detoxify the body. The essential oil is the most benefits to health.

Nutritional per 100g

Energy 525Kcal
Protein 5.84g
Fat 36.31g
Fiber 20.8g
Niacin 1.299mg
Vitamin C 3mg
Vitamin A 3.5mg
Calcium 184mg
Cooper 1.027mg
Magnesium 183mg
Zinc 2.15mg
Carbohydrate 49.29g


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