Health Benefits of Papaya

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Health Benefits of Papaya

The papain in papaya is an enzyme that helps body digest protein as well as treating allergies, sport injuries. Below is some health benefits of papaya fruit:

1. Eating papaya can prevent constipation.

2. Papaya is helpful in prevention of diabetic hearth disease and atherosclerosis as contained Vitamin C and vitamin E.

3. Juice of papaya can relieve infection of the colon.

4. Fiber in papaya is a good source for lower down the cholesterol.

5. Fiber, Vitamin C and E can reduce risk of colon cancer as it associated to bind away the toxins from colon.

6. Prevent nausea disease.


7. The enzymes in papaya improve burns healing and lower inflammation.

8. Reduce symptoms for irritable bowel syndrome.

9. Papaya fruit help relieve ulcers in stomach.

10. Reduce stomach tonics.

11. Prevention of Celiac and Crohn diseases.

12. Papaya fruit has solvent effect on mucous.




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