Papaya Tree and Papaya Varieties

Fruits in Malaysia

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Papaya Tree and papaya Varieties

The papaya tree can up to 4 to 5 meter tall and unbranched. The plant leaves are huge up to 75cm long but does not last long . The leaves cluster on top of the tree.Papaya tree are fast growing. The papaya fruit grows on the trunk. The trunk looks a little gray carrot and upside down.  It is soft and weak as it has very flimsy wood and hollow center. In Malaysia, the tree planted huge at Selangor, Johor and Perak.


Below is some of varieties in Malaysia:



1.Vista Solo

-Yellow skin, orange to yellow flesh. The fruit is from medium to large size. It is sweet taste.



- The flesh is firm , yellowish but not very sweet. The fruit is long.The tree bear a fruit after 9 to 10 months.



-The flesh is in red color.This type is very sweet. The fruits can be harvest after 9 months.



-The flesh is red and firm but not very sweet. The tree starting bear a fruit after 10 to 11 months.






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