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Benefits of Eating Persimmon Fruit

The sweet persimmon fruit are rich in nutrients such as vitamin, mineral and anti oxidants for optimum health. Although eating persimmon had health benefits, but while eating the fruit, please ensure stomach is full and never eaten with crabmeat and persimmon fruit together.


It may caused bezoar as the persimmon that may caused acid environment in stomach to form a gooey compound.

1. Anti oxidant compound in fresh persimmon such as Vitamin A against oxygen derived free radical and reactive oxygen species which can combat aged and various diseases such as cancer.

2. Vitamin C in the fruit help in resistance to scavenge harmful, infectious agent and pro inflammatory free     radicals.

3. Vitamin B in the fruit promoted a good body metabolic function.

4. Persimmon in astringent type can help to treat diarrhea and stop bleeding.

5. Betulinic acid in the fruit help body fighting against tumor.

6. Catechins in the fruit is known as agent for anti infective and anti hemorrhagic.

7. Persimmon fruit also help in preventing getting risk from asthma and lung infection.

8. Persimmon fruit help in protecting from carotenoid which is one of eye diseases.

9. Copper in fruit is a co factor for many enzymes and require for produce red blood cells.

10. Persimmon maintain hearth healthy as the high anti oxidants in the fruit may reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

11. It help in relieve reduce body heat, treat hypertension and cough.

12. Some country used persimmon tannin for treating stroke and lowering blood pressure.

13. Persimmon tannin can slower down subcutaneous bleeding.

14. Persimmon juice can lower the density of alcohol in blood and relieve hangovers.



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