Fruits in Malaysia

The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Plum Fruit

Plum scientific name is subgenus Prunus from family Prunus. Plum flowers are in groups of one to five attached to short stems. An easier rubbed off white coating will stick on the mature plum fruit, this is a wax coating to prolong live time for plum. Plum color can be purple, green, yellow, orange or red. Prunes are a dried plum and common sell at hypermarket which can benefits to health.



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1. Benefits of Eating Plum

2. Plum Tree and Plum Varieties
The Malaysia plum may refer to two varieties of plum:
-Prunus salicina
- Prunus mume

3. Plum Recipes and Product
Purple Plum Pie
Honey Plum Jam
Chinese Plum Sauce
Baby Plum Cake


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