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Mango Pomelo Sago Soup

Ripe mango:4
Sago pearl:1/2 cup
Pomelo flesh:1 cup
Coconut milk:200ml
Simple syrup:1/2 cup

1. oil the sago in a pot with water. Cook with low heat for 20 minutes until the outsides of the pearls become transparent.

2.Stirring to prevent sticking and burning.

3.aLet it cool aside when pearls is fuly transparent.

4.Filter through a wire mesh strainer and rince through with water.

5.Wash and peel off mango skin and remove seeds. Cube the mangoes.

6.The cubed mangoes mix with the coconut milk and water into a blender.

7.Blend the mixture until smooth. The mango puree is ready.

8.Cooled sago,pomelo flesh is added into mango puree.

9.Refrigerate until chilled.

10.Add in a little sweet syrup if needed.

11.The soup is ready to serve.

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