Benefits of Rambutan Fruit

Fruits in Malaysia

The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Benefits of Rambutan Fruit to Our Body

Below is the use of rambutan fruit by localism and method to use the entitle of fruit to cure/reducing syndrome below:

1. Soften hair quality
method: rambutan leaves cleaned by water. Blend and stir it until pasty, finally the water filtered from pasty. The water used to wash/moisturized scalp hair daily for the good result.


2. Reduce fever temperature
Method: wash rind of rambutan fruit and dried it. The dried rind then boiled with water for around 15 ~20minutes. Drink it for 3 times a day , it will help to reducing the temperature of fever and get recover from fever earlier.

3. Body fat reducing and Soften the skin appearance
Method: Peel off the outer skin of seeds. Washed and destroy into small piece and mixed with others food to sallow it or else eaten by raw. The consistency may bring down the body fat.

4. Treat diabetes
Method: wash and dried Rambutan seeds normally 4 ~6 seeds per time and mashed up into powder structure. Then added some water and drink it. Drink it 1 time a day.

5. Treat dysentery and diarrhea
Method: wash rind of rambutan fruit for 7 ~10 rind fruit and cut to small piece for nutrition easier dissolve in water. Boiled it for 15 ~20 minutes. Drink 1 or 2 times a day.

6. Lighten headache

Method: wash rambutan leaves . Mashed to moist form and place at side forehead to lighten headache.


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