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Soursop Fruit

The scientific name of soursop is Annona Muricata from family Annonaceae. In Malaysia, soursop called as “ Ang Mo Liu Lian” in Hokkien and “Durian Belanda" in Malay language. Country neighbor such as Thailand called it Thu Rian Khaek” and Philippines called as “Guayabano”. The fruit is in hearth shaped with a bumpy green skin and soft spines. While unripe, the skin is dark green color and become yellowish green when matured. Normally soursop is eaten raw, it is creamy, juicy with acidy flavor. Inside fruit, there is 50 to 110 indigestible black seeds.


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1. Health benefits of Soursop Fruit

Nutritional Value per 100g

Protein 1g
Calcium 10.3mg
Iron 0.64mg
Phosphorus 27.7mg
Amino Acid 78mg
Fat 0.97g
Carbohydrates 1.63g
Ash 60g
Ascorbic Acid 29.6mg
Fiber 0.79g
Calories 61.3Kcal
Niacin 1.28mg

2. Soursop Tree and Soursop varieties

- Soursop tree adapted to areas of high humidity, warm climate and rainfall countries.

3. Product made from Soursop/Recipes

-Soursop Juice
-Soursop Concentrate
-Soursop Ice Cream
-Soursop Puree


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