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Star Fruit ( Carrabolla)

What is Star Fruit

The star fruit or Carrabolla scientific name is Averrhoea Carambola from species Oxalidaceae. It is believed native to Malaysia and southeast Asia. Young star fruit is a light green color and when it ripens, it turn to yellow and while fully mature, it will be a golden yellow skin. The fruit shape like a star and hold it shape when cut. The young fruit in greenish skin will have salt flavor. The flesh is light yellow to yellow, crisp and juicy. Depended to varieties, its taste between pear, green apple, lemon and grape. How to select a good taste for star fruit? The good fruit is with yellow shiny skin and even color. When star fruit skin starting turn to brown, dried up, it is going to wicked and avoid to buy it.


Varieties of Star Fruit in Malaysia

There are two types of star fruit species are grown in Malaysia, some times it’s hardly to differential between it as tart variety will have a little sweet as well:

1.  Salt/Tart: such as B10 tend to have narrow space rib

2.    Sweet : such as B7,B2 and B17 tend to have thick with thickset rib compare to tart variety


How the Star fruit Look Like? 

The star fruit tree can grow as height 25 feet with yellowish and greenish leaves 2 to 4cm wide and 2 to 9cm long . The aromatic pink to lavender flower diameter approximately 0.95cm.The tree is grow faster and fruit bear heavily in rich loam with well drainage and high humidity climate region. In Malaysia, there grow huge at state Selangor, Johor, Kedah, Perak, Pahang and Sembilan State at season April to June or October–December


Star Fruit Product/Recipes

Below is some of product made from star fruit

1.      Puree

2.      Dried star fruit as snack

3.      Star fruit flavor cake

4.      Star fruit juice

5.      Star fruit candies


Why Star Fruit benefits to body?

In Malaysia, you can found many fruit hawker along roadside and market. The fruit had lot of nutritional value and benefits to body need. The table below shown the value:

Nutritional Value per 100gm  

Calorie 24 kcal.

Protein 0.7 g

Fat 1.9 g

Calcium 7 mg

Iron 0.4 mg

Vitamin A 26 mg

Vitamin B1 0.07 mg

Vitamin B2 0.07 mg

Vitamin C 25.8 mg

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