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Strawberry Fruit

What is Strawberry Fruit

The strawberry scientific name fruitFragaria ananassa from family Fragaria. Itís belived native to France. Among the berry, strawberry is the most popular berry fruit which contain around 600 berry fruit. Others then fruits, the strawberry washed while you want to have it to avoid the fruit flavor decay. Itís beautiful shape and red in colour very appealing and attactived to those interested. How to chose? You need to chose the completed red color strawberry. As known, it s in same family with rose flower. Its taste sweet sour. For keep it fresh, it normally store to at freezer .

Varieties of Strawberry Fruit

There are around 600 berry fruit in the world. In Malaysia, the famous varieties planted and nice to eat can be considered are Apollo, titan, Cardinal, Earlibelle, Earliglow, and Prelude.

How the Strawberry Tree Look?

In Malaysia, the biggest strawberry farm located at Cameron Highlands, Selangor. The cooling climate between 10 to 27 degree Celsius is the most suitable place for these strawberries. The fuir normally grown in the polythene tubes and pot. It grow huge at Selangor.

Strawberry Fruit Product/Recipes

In Malaysia, the strawberry fruit had make to strawberry juice, jam, pie, milk shake, candy, pudding, pancakes, strawberry flavour dessert and yoghurts.

Why Strawberry Fruit Benefits to Body?

The strawberry fruit nutrition table:

Value per 100g
Water g 132
Energy kcal 43
Energy kJ 181
Protein g 0.88
Fat 0.53
Carbohydrate 10.1
Fibre 3.3
Calcium mg 20
Iron 0.55
Magnesium 14
Phosphorus 27
Zinc 0.19
Copper 0.07
Vitamin C mg 82
Vitamin B6 0.09
Vitamin B12 Ķg 0
Vitamin A  39
Vitamin E mg 0.20

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