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The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!



The tomato scientific name was Solanum lycopersicum and native to South America. The fruit is oval or near round.  The fruit skin might valid from yellowish orange to yellowish red. The flesh is sweet sour flavor. Fruits vary in size, shape, colour, smoothness or roughness of the skin, flesh thickness and flesh quality. The fruit is nourish with mineral, vitamin, and provide a number of beneficial health effects.

The tomatio tree normally can grown up to 1 to 4 metres in height. The tomato fruit normally can consumed in raw or as a ingredient in many dishes,drinks  and sauces.


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1. Benefits of Tomato


Nutritional Value per 100 g


Calcium 24mg
Phosphorus 0.27mg
Iron 5mg

Water  94g
Energy 18Kcal
Protein 0.85g
Total dietary fiber 1.2g
Lipid Fat 0.5g
Ash 10mg
Sodium 113mg
Potassium 237mg
Magnesium 0.06mg
Copper 0.115mg
Glucose 1.25g
Fructose 1.35g
Total sugars 2.65g


2. Tomato varieties


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