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The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Benefits of Watermelon Fruit to Body

1. Watermelon fruit consist of potassium and magnesium is essential to bring down the blood pressure. It is decreasing the risk of getting heart disease and stroke.

2. Potassium in watermelon is helping cleaning toxic material in kidney stone and this will maintain a good function of kidney.

3. Watermelon juicy sweet fresh water can effectively rehydrate body heat. In Malaysia , the fruit is selling at fruit hawker, market .

4. Watermelon has fiber, zero fats and low in calories. It is a good fruit to lose weight.

5. Various mineral an vitamin in watermelon maintain the good level of insulin in body which can help in control blood sugar. Even though diabetes patient can eat the watermelon.

6. Vitamin B in the fruit produce energy to body. It is good to eat the fruit instead of drinking chemical drink.

7. Vitamin C protect eye of drying up and protect from illness of glaucoma and optical nerves.

8. The antioxidant profile of watermelon. It is helping to kill the cancer causing free radical especially asthma, colon, prostate and hearth cancers.

9. The red component Carotenoid in watermelon can prevent getting risk of cancer.

10. Phytonutrients is effective in protect and maintain good health and proper functioning of eye, organ, constipation and secretion system.


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