Wax Apple Tree and Wax Apple Varieties

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Wax Apple Tree and Wax Apple Varieties

The tree can growing up to 5 to 15m tall and width 4 to 8 m with yellowish green to dark bluish green leaves 12cm long and width 8 cm. At the brand of the tip or axis of fallen leaves there is a group of lemon green buds will flower in 1 to 2 months periods. The flower is fragrant white in 2.5 cm diameter with 4 petals and numerous stamens. In Malaysia, there is two fruiting seasons annually, May to August and November to February.

In Malaysia, wax apples had three varieties; white wax apple, red wax apple and pink wax apple.

White Wax Apple
Crunchy white flesh taste. Fast and easier care type.

Red Wax Apple
Crunchy white flesh taste. Sweeter the white wax apple and tasty fruit.

Pink Wax Apple
Pink wax apple is the sweetest among wax apple. Similar to red wax apple but it has white waxy skin and is sweeter.

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