Avocado tree and Avocado Varieties

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Avocado Tree and Avocado Varieties

The evergreen avocado tree may grow up between 8 to 18 meters. The leaves is variable shape from oval, elliptic or lanceolate. Guatemalan type leaves are anise scent, and Mexican leaves type are anise scent while West Indian leaves type are scentless. The greenish yellow flower had 2 whorls of 3 lobes. Tree is grow well in sandy loam no matter soil is acidy or alkaline with good drainage. The tree produce fruit withon 1 to 2 years and can last to 20 years for fruiting.


The avocado varieties can divide to:

1. Mexican Varieties-Bacon, Fuerte, Zutano
- This type is lower fat level among all varieties. The fuit is smooth skin and green color.


2. Guatemalan Varieties-Hass, Reed, Gwen, Pinkerton
- Higher level in fat among varieties. The green skin is thicker and blacken while ripen. The Hass is the most famous avocado.



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