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Grape Wine Recipes

Sugar:5 cups
Yeast Nutrient:1 teaspoon
Wine yeast:1 pack
Water:1 gallon
Grapes: 6 cups
Campden table:1
Lemon juice: 2 teaspoons


1.Water and sugar is added to soucepan and stir untill dissolve.

2. Grapes are crushed at fermentation container.

3. Campden tablet is crushed, yeast nutrient, lemon juice and water added to the hot sauce pan.Set aside and let it cool.

4. Yeast and added and stir well with the mixture.

5. The mixture is added to grape container and cover it for 1 week.

6. Strain the mixture and pour into secondary fermentation container and airlock.

7. The mixture is rack for every month within 8 months.

8. The serve will ready in 1 year time at a clean bottle..

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