mango fruit

Fruits in Malaysia

The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Benefits of Mango Fruit to Body

Mango fruit taste aromatic and delicious, it also help our body fighting or provide nutrition fact to body such as:

i.) The fiber in mango fruit help to lower down the cholesterol, improve poor digestion .

ii.) The low carbohydrate and calories in mango fruit will not increasing body weight even thought having whole fruit but will provide the good nutrient to body need.

iii.) The contained vitamin A and vitamin E present in mangoes help body against heart disease.

iv.) Vitamin K contained help on fighting the risk of bone fracture and regulate normal blood clotting.

v.) Eating mango fruit will help to slow down the premature aging and improve lung function.

vi.) Mango fruit is good for women whom pregnancy as it is contained the iron nutrient.

vii.) Vitamin B6 help to reduce risk of kidney stone disease and cardiovascular disease.

viii.) Magnesium help to improve functioning of cardiovascular and nervous.

ix.) Vitamin E and beta-carotene help to improve function of hormone and will boost up the sex activity.

x.) Mango nutrients and antioxidants that boost immunity and promote heart health.

xi.) Vitamin C offers protection from heart ,eye disease, boost up immune system and skin health.

xii.) Other disease also help by eating mango fruit such as diarrhea, dysentery, eye disease, leucorrhea, lever disorder and hair loss.




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