Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Fruits in Malaysia

The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Alpha and Gamma Mangostin contend Xanthonesis effective on curing vascular health, anti inflammatory, lowering blood pressure, antioxidant and antibiotic in nature. Below is some benefits facts of having mangosteen:

1. Mangosteen help reduce migraines, inflammation and nerve pain.

2. Eating mangosteen can slower down the aging.

3. Calcium in the fruit improves gum, bone mass and eye health.

4. The fruit also help in reducing hypertensive, tumor formation, fever and cholesterol.


5. Minerals in the fruit reducing allergy symptoms, irritable bowel and cataracts formation.

6. Mangosteen able to improving Parkinsonís symptoms and body immune system.

7. Having mangosteen helps in depression issue, healing stomach, against bacterial or virus infection and bowel ulcers.

8. The high calories helping for body anti fatigue.

9. Preventing from getting:

-Tumor and cancer
-Bacterial, virus, fungal infection
-Arteries hardening
-Skin disorder
-Kidney stone



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