Soursop Tree and Soursop Varieties

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Soursop Tree and Soursop Varieties

Soursop Tree

The soursop tree can reach a height from 7 to 9 meters. The young branches are hairy rusty with low branching. The evergreen leaves with long 6 to 20cm are alternate, glossy, smooth ,oblong or elliptic pointed at both end. It is grow at tropical and subtropical country. It grow well at rich soil with good drainage area. After 3 years, the tree only able to bear a fruit.

Soursop varieties

Soursop in general can divide to three species sweet, acid and susacid. It is also depend to its shape; heart shape, oblong shape and classed by flesh flavor from soft and juicy to firm and relative dry. Some of variety are Guanaba Azucaron, Coama and Guanabana Dulce.






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