benefits of strawbeery fruit to body

Fruits in Malaysia

The Food that contain multiple natural nutritional is Fruits!


Health Benefits of Strawberry Fruit to Body

This fruit is recommend as a daily diet food.Below is summary of benefit of strawberry fruit to our body:

1. Since strawberry consist of may nutrients, it help body to fighting disease such as high blood pressure, flu, syphilis and constipation.

2. The antioxidants in red rind strawberry help on fighting free radical and rid the blood of harmful toxins. Its help to reduce risk of cancer illness.

3. The acid in strawberry can used to strengthen the tooth gums by chewed in mouth.

4. It can used to remove tartar at tooth by chewed mouth or rub across the teeth. The acid in strawberries can effectively dissolve the tartar.

5. Good new for those woman worried about the old age related skin problem. The nutrient in strawberries can help to slow down the decline of age-related loss of cognitive.


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